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Uromac User / Technical Manual
This manual covers the installation, setup and general operation of the Neomedix Uromac Software. Topics covered include: Getting Started, Setting Up Uromac, Data Display, Working with Files, Data Analysis and Troubleshooting. This is for the latest Uromac software version 3.6.

Uromac v3.6 Software Guide | download |
Document Number: NS02304A.OPI
Latest Revision: 11 March 2000
Size: 1.8mb / 190 pages
Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later

Equipment setup guide
This document contains diagramatic layouts of all currently available Acquidata Uromac, Gastromac and Anomac Systems manufactured by Neomedix Systems. This includes both 8 and 16 channel versions with available options such as EMG/NCV and UroVideo where applicable. Computer peripheral devices and power supply units as well as all relevent clinical diagnostic equipment is included.

Equipment setup guide | download |
Document Number: NS01876A
Latest Revision: 22 October 1997
Status: beta version available now
Size: 485k / 13 pages
Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader 2.1 or later

UroReport Users Guide
This document contains the UroReport Software users guide which includes, setup, operating, saving and exporting UroReport data. It also features colour diagrams of the ICS measurement points.

UroReport (Patient Report) Guide | download |
Document Number: NS01306D
Latest Revision: 17 July 1999
Size: 1.1mb / 28 pages
Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later

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