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Continuous, Real-Time CardioVascular Monitoring. Hemodynamic monitoring of critically ill patients

LiDCO plus

Lidco rapid LiDCO plus Hemodynamic Monitor that provides interpretable user interface displaying real time: blood pressure, pre load, cardiac output/oxygen delivery and after load parameters

LiDCO rapid

Lidco rapid

The LiDCO rapid helps you optimally deliver goal directed management (GDM) strategies using a patented and clinically validated PulseCO algorithm. Developed for the acute care physician to get immediate feedback on a patient's fluid and hemodynamic status.

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ICU Neomedix Products

A Clinical Guidance Tool

Neomedix Systems (NMS), has long been associated through the supply of critical care equipment, with tertiary hospital Intensive Care Units and control approaches to the management of the patients circulation.

Commencing in 1999, an R&D project, with support from an Australian Federal Government Start grant, was undertaken and successfully concluded with two series of pig trials during late 2002. These animal trials were carried out by Amtec (a Biomedical Research unit) located in the Deptment of Medicine at Sydney University. These 'proof of concept' experiments using early prototypes proved the ability of techniques to provide predictable controlled management of the circulation in the face of deliberate alterations to the animals blood volume.

As a result of this research, it was envisioned that a system for closed loop circulation control was possible. This is then be viewed in much the same way that an autopilot is engaged for the complex control requirements on modern aircraft. The initial product was to be a circulation specific status display used by the physician as an advisory/guidance tool.

The commercialisation of this product was not facilitated, yet In the decade since this research, goal directed management (GDM) has evolved, particularly using the blood pressure waveform to measure blood flow changes as suggested by a number of investigators. Such methods provide cardiac output trend data following calibration by an independent, preferably an indicator dilution based, cardiac output measurement.

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