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Acquidata Median

Acquidata Median

A diagnostic urodynamic system for filling and voiding cystometrograms

With upgrade options for:

  • pudendal nerve NCV

  • triggered needle single fibre EMG

  • muscosal sensitivities

  • video cystometry

Clinical cart system
A Clinical System Cart gives mobility within your department. The cart accomodates the data processor, desktop computer, printer and provides space for the AcquiVideo option. Patient related transducers are mounted on a seperate mobile AcquiPole.

The ultimate user interface
Simple and intuitive to use, as few as three mouse clicks to complete a urodynamics recording procedure. (not including patient name entry or report generation)

Recording Parameters

Median has a eight input channel AcquiAmplifier and eight trace Acquidata display which provides measurement and display of:
  • Volume infused (Vfill)

  • Vesical pressure (Pves)

  • Abdominal pressure (Pabd)

  • Detrusor pressure (Pdet)

  • Voided flow (Qura)

  • Volume voided (Vvoid) - as numeric value in the report

  • On-screen filling rate window

Key Features

  • Automated UroReport patient report with P-Q plot and nomograms

  • User reconfigurable display including split screen (for simultaneous comparison of flow patterns)

  • Export of report and all waveform data to spreadsheets or databases

  • Simple fast two step re-calibration of transducers

  • All raw data saved with each file can be retrospectively reviewed using any desired settings or off-line calculations

  • Supplied complete with all transducers and catheters ready to start testing (user to supply bladder filling media)

  • Remote control to allow single key operation of most functions

  • Phase alignment of flow trace (to perfect P-Q plots)

Video Recording Options

AcquiVideo allows high quality digital acquisition and display on screen of live video images. Sources of the video signal can be from fluoroscopy I.I. or ultrasound.

Any image frame or sequence of frames (selectable from 1 to 25) can be captured and saved to disk inside the urodynamics file.

  • All scale displays on screen are adjustable to any desired range during and after acquisition of data. A set default button will reconfigure each channel to a standard setting.

  • Vfill: continuously adjustable range from 0 to over 2000ml

  • Pves/Pabd/Pdet: continuously adjustable range from
    -100 to over 500cm H20

  • Qura: continuously adjustable range from
    0 to over 100ml sec-1

  • Vvoid: volume actually voided is printed into the final report

  • 10 preset and 20 user editable event comment keys.

  • Screen scrolling speed from 1mm sec-1 to 1cm sec -1

  • Sample rates adjustable from 20 to 500 samples/division.

  • Input signal conversion 12-bit resolution.

  • All channel zero balance button on AcquiAmplifier & keyboard.

  • Screen selectable single channel zero balance.

  • Unlimited settings configuration files can be set and saved.

  • Patient isolation to class CF (cardiac protected).

  • Acquidata systems comply with the IEC 601.1 standard for electromedical equipment.

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Address: Unit 5, No. 9 Narabang Way, Belrose NSW 2085 Sydney - Australia

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