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Acquidata Minim

Acquidata Minim

A portable diagnostic urodynamics system

The Acquidata Minim processor, transducers and notebook computer can be disassembled quickly and easily for travel to multiple sites, providing a very flexible and portable urodynamics system.

Recording Parameters

Minim has a four input channel AcquiAmplifier and eight trace Acquidata display which provides measurement and display of:
  • Volume infused (Vfill)

  • Vesical pressure (Pves)

  • Abdominal pressure (Pabd)

  • Detrusor pressure (Pdet)

  • Voided flow (Qura)

  • Volume voided (Vvoid) - as numeric value in the report

  • On-screen filling rate window

Key Features

  • Automated UroReport patient report with P-Q plot and nomograms

  • User reconfigurable display including split screen (for simultaneous comparison of flow patterns)

  • Export of report and all waveform data to spreadsheets or databases

  • Simple fast two step re-calibration of transducers

  • Supplied complete with all transducers and catheters ready to start testing (user to supply bladder filling media)

  • Remote control to allow single key operation of most functions


  • All scale displays on screen are user adjustable to any desired range during and after acquisition of data. A set default button will reconfigure each channel to a standard setting.

  • Vfill: continuously adjustable range from
    0 to over 2000ml

  • Pves/Pabd/Pdet: continuously adjustable range from
    -100 to over 500cm H20

  • Qvoid: continuously adjustable range from
    0 to over 100ml sec-1

  • Vvoid: volume actually voided is printed in the final report

  • 10 preset and 20 user editable event comment keys.

  • Screen scrolling speed from 1mm sec-1 to 1cm sec-1

  • Sample rates adjustable from 20 to 500 samples/division.

  • Input signal conversion 12-bit resolution.

  • All channel zero balance button on AcquiAmplifier & keyboard.

  • Screen selectable single channel zero balance.

  • Unlimited settings configuration files can be set and saved.

  • Patient isolation to class CF (cardiac protected).

  • Acquidata systems are designed to comply with the IEC 601.1 standard for electromedical equipment.

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