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Neomedix Systems designs and manufactures diagnostic systems for clinical studies in Urodynamics, Gastroenterology and
Ano-Rectal function. Neomedix Systems also represent selected international manufacturers, whose products are complementary to our clinical and research activities. We're located in Sydney, Australia.

Urodynamics Products

All models are supplied pre-configured and ready to easily commence urodynamics recording, however the whole Acquidata range offers the ultimate in re-configuration flexibility, right through to 'on' or 'off' line mathematical or statistical processing.

Any special recording setup can be saved for future use. Any user can modify a recording setup and save it as their own recording setup for future selection and use - a real advantage for sites with multiple users.

Each Acquidata model is capable of accepting additional application programs to provide G.I. motility and/or Ano-rectal manometry testing plus dedicated pelvic floor neurological investigation. Acquidata is both Mac and Windows compatible.

Acquidata Minim

Acquidata Minim

Ultra compact for private practice or rooms use and smaller hospital clinics. Coupled with a high performance notebook computer, its portable size makes it ideally suited to testing at multiple sites.

Acquidata Median

Acquidata Median

Desktop or cart based system for specialist urodynamics practices and larger hospital urodynamics departments. This model is supplied with an 8 channel input amplifier, two channels of which can also be selected for EMG use. The Median is usually supplied with a desktop computer.

Acquidata Maxim

Acquidata Maxim A cart based system. This is the most powerful of the Acquidata range with a CPU able to operate very high sampling rates. This model is also supplied with an 6 channel input amplifier, however the AcquiProcessor has 16 screen display channels. A 12/16 (preamplifier input channels / display channels) Maxim is also available for upper/lower GI tract recordings.

The Maxim accepts higher end simultaneous video cystofluoroscopy AcquiCine option and the unique AcquiScan option.

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Feature Comparison Chart

  Minim Median Maxim
Cart optional yes yes
Input Channel 4 8 6
Display Channel 8 8 16
EMG Chart no optional optional
EMG SF no optional optional
Flow t correction yes yes yes
AcquiVideo optional optional optional
AcquiMovie no optional optional
AquiScan no no optional
UroReport yes yes yes
MTC (Microtip) no optional optional
Pura Simultaneous no optional yes

Transducers & Options
for all systems


Standard Transducers:

  • Qvoid (Voided Flow)
  • Pves & Pabd (Bladder & Abdominal)
  • Pdet (Detrusor)
  • Vfill (Filling Volume)
  • Patient Catheters

Add on options:

  • Pura with InfuPress,
  • AcquiScan
  • Acquivideo,
  • Teledynamics
  • UroReport analysis.
Review catheters and transducer options here:

Comprehensive Support

user guides A full clinical guide, equipment setup charts and user manual documentation (in PDF) are available for downloading.

The clinical guide contains diagrams for pressure transducer and catheter setups, an overview of a full urodynamics test, as well as calibration, sterilisation and cleaning procedures.

Neomedix also hosts a Urodynamicists exchange of related documents published by Neomedix and Urologists. Available from our support site.

Other Products

Neomedix distribute products that are complementary to our clinical and research activities.

AEI Technologies

Applied Electrochemistry Respired gas analysers for O2 and CO2 and MOXUS metabolic cart for exercise testing.



Hemodynamic monitors that provide an interpretable user interface displaying real time: blood pressure, pre load, cardiac output / oxygen delivery and after load parameters.

Contact Us

Sales Enquiry: sales@neomedix Technical Support: support@neomedix
Tel: 02 9450 2400 (intl +612 9450 2400) Fax: 02 9450 0844
Address: Unit 5, No. 9 Narabang Way, Belrose NSW 2085 Sydney - Australia

Consumables Enquiry: info@neomedixconsumables Consumables website: www.neomedixconsumables.com.au
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